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Accent LED Lighting

We have always believed that lighting should enhance the area or building where lumens are projected on. Our accent lights were designed with this belief. Among our accent lights, we have fixtures that can meet just about any project requirements. Coming in vibrant colors, all of the below fixtures have two important features in common. 

Quality & Durability. 

View below to see our current line of accent lights. 

Accent Narrow Beam

The narrow beam, just like its name, is perfect for accent area's with small spaces in between windows. Starting at 30 W's, the narrow beam can reach up to 150 feet*.


  • Wattage: 30, 60, 90 +

  • Colors: Blue, Green, Red, Amber, White(3000K & 5000K), Purple

  • Range: up to 150 ft (60 W)

  • Mounting: Ground/Wall

  • Beam: 3°

  • Application: Hotels, Restaurants, Stadiums, Commercial locations etc.

30 W Narrow Beam

Projection (Velit)

Our Velit Projection Light for locations that have wide areas. At 25 degree beam, the projection lights can reach up to 45 feet and up to 12 feet across. At just 27 W, the projection light can easily cover up to 5 stories.  Available in 5 vibrant colors and flexible mounting. 

  • Wattage: 27 W

  • Colors: Blue, Green, Red, White(3000K & 5000K)

  • Range: up to 45 feet or 5 stories 

  • Mounting: Ground/Wall

  • Beam: 25°

  • Application: Hotels, Restaurants, Stadiums, Commercial locations etc


Hallmark Lighting

 Known for their long life and low profile, The Hallmark lights have been part of the IHG (Holiday Inn & Holiday Inn Express hotels) since 2014 and they continue to bring in great reviews from hoteliers and customers.

Wattage: 32 ("UP" light), 13 ("Down" Light)

Colors: Blue, Green, White(5000K)

Range: 55 feet("UP" Light), 30 feet ("Down" Light)

Mounting: Wall

Beam: 15° for down light, 25° for Up light

Applications: Hotels, Restaurants etc.