Parking Lot Light - 150 W

Parking Lot Light - 150 W

DECORS USA LLC’S Outdoor Lights 

It’s essential that all parking lots are lit at night to ensure visibility and the safety of your visitors. Our outdoor parking lot lights improve site visibility, while yielding a lower energy cost than most standard systems. The opportunity for symmetric and asymmetric light distribution make these lights appealing and functional, while at the same time practically eliminating constant maintenance.

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Available Specs

Model DU2R1056
Power Consumption 150 W
Lumen Output 140 lm/w, ~ 21,000
Input Voltage  100-277VAC
Color Temperature 


(4000K & 3000K  Optional)

Light Distribution A2S (SHORT); Other Options Available
Warranty 5 Year
Rating IP 65, UL Listed
Fixture Finish Dark Bronze