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Hallmark Lighting "UP" Light

Hallmark Lighting "UP" Light

Hallmark LED Brand Lights

It is the privilege of DECORS USA to be the authorized vendor for exterior Hallmark Lighting, chosen for our consistent, high-quality products. Our LED UP and DOWN lights are ideal replacements for those outdated halogen fixtures. LED Lights are energy efficient and require less maintenance. Longevity is just one of the many features of this LED light. The color output--chosen from our selection of 5 colors--will withstand the tests of time and weather, individual color LED’s and no filters eliminate color fading and help you look forward to the bright future ahead.




    DU SQ HW24
    Light Source 18x CREE 1 W LED'S
    Dimensions 9.75" L - 7.75"W x 4.5"H
    Weight 11 lbs (with brackets)



    Three Years Limited Warranty. Click Here to view full warranty information

  • Availability

    General Lead Time is Two Business Weeks or Less

Output Color
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