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Our Mini Accent is perfect for low-height buildings. The mini accent fixture uses a special lens to reach up to a height of 25 feet with just 15 W's of power consumption.


Available in 15 degree beams, the mini accent will provide vibrant colors for your building columns, trees, or general landscaping needs. The Mini Accent fixture comes in BLUE, RED, GREEN, and WHITE (3000K, 6500K) output color. We also provide in-ground mounting options as well!


Contact us at 732-486-8520 to find out more.


Perfect for

  • Columns up to 25 ft
  • Residentials
  • Landscaping/Tree's
  • Indoor and outdoor accent applications




Mini Accent LED

Excluding Taxes
Select Output Color
  • Model DU-LD-15W-XX
    Power 15 W, 110-240VAC
    Weight 3 lbs
    Colors Blue, Green, Red, White , Amber  
    Voltage 110-277VAC
    Range/Mounting Up to 25 ft, In-Ground or Solid Surface
    Rating ETL Listed, IP 67
    Beam                      15/25                                                             


  • Limited 3 Years

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