After over a decade of lighting up hotels and architecture around the globe, DECORS USA continues to produce high-quality energy-efficient lights in multiple colors and designs. Set the tone for the night or cast an impressive light upon desirable architecture by bringing our lighting from the hospitality industry to your own home or project! Contact Us Today!

All products by DECORS USA are made with customer satisfaction and reliability in mind.


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What People Say

Michael S.
Holiday Inn Express, NJ

Working with Decors and having their products on our property has been a wonderful experience. Our property visibility has increased and customers have been asking us about the bright blue lights!

Projection Lights
Nick G.
Ramada, NY

Being right off a major state highway, it was important for us to increase our hotel's profile. The LED fixtures suggested by Decors have increased our walk-in traffic as customers see our property from further distance

Kevin C.
Biloxi, MS

The lights are looking good, thanks for your help once again.

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